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Fees, Rates and Limits

Nex Invest: Mutual Funds
Last updated: 2 Januari 2023
Last reviewed: 2 Januari 2023

Order amounts

The actual Mutual Fund Units that will be purchased at the completion of your Electronic Instruction is subject to the NAV cut-off time. For the avoidance of doubt, the amount of Mutual Funds Unit that will be purchased for a given amount of Mutual Funds Investment informed to you prior in an Electronic Instruction submitted after the cut-off time set out in the Terms and Conditions is an estimate only.

Minimum purchase/bid amount

Subject to and determined by each Mutual Funds Unit product.

Minimum sell/redeem amount

Refers to and is determined by each Mutual Fund Unit product.

Maximum purchase/bid amount

IDR 100,000,000 (one hundred million Rupiah)

Maximum sell/redeem amount

No maximum limit

Minimum Mutual Funds Unit Holding Amount

Each Mutual Funds Unit product may require a minimum balance of Mutual Funds Unit is maintained after you sell/redeem the Mutual Funds Unit.

Biaya Administrasi/Pemrosesan

Admin/Processing Fee

Tidak ada biaya administrasi atau pemrosesan yang dikenakan oleh Nex

No admin or processing fees imposed by Nex


No admin or processing fees

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